Rock+Run visit.

Good afternoon folks
Following the recent heatwave, I’ve managed to
time a long-awaited trip to the Lakes, with a serious downturn in the weather, not to
worry, I will still enjoy it, sun, hail or shine!
Apart from a bit of running,
testing out a new bike and catching up on some very overdue web/blog
material, the main purpose of my trip is to visit my good friends at ROCK+RUN.
I’ve been a customer of Rock+Run since I was a lad.
trip to their Ambleside Store (now the site of Lakes Runner/Lakes
Climber, no connection) was always eagerly anticipated. I’ve even still
got a wallet that I won in the 1986 Loughrigg Junior Fell Race. (My running has been going steadily downhill since…) The Ambleside store was sold in 2007 & gave way to a fully-fledged online retail store based in an amazing location, on the edge of the Kent Estuary, at Sandside, S.Lakes, just down the road from where I grew up.
Apart from brilliant products, at great prices, the Rock+Run team are a great bunch, with an awesome website.
were the very first people to offer to help us out on our big trip
& have kindly provided us with some top-notch kit, full reviews and
pics of which will follow here very soon, as will a “Sponsor Spotlight”
and some photos of the visit to HQ.

Have a great weekend.

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