Round-up of an awesome weekend!

Good afternoon folks

I trust you all had a mighty fine extra-long weekend.
(I was back on nights last night, booo).
Just a quick round-up of a brilliant & rather productive weekend.
As half of the team were out of the country, Johnny decided to take himself up to the Lakes, a long-awaited & eagerly anticipated weekend. Headed up to Sandside, a beautiful corner of the South Lakes, on the edge of the Kent Estuary, with some stunning views across the water up into the Lakeland fells, gorgeous. Not just a weekend for admiring the views, a lot of good things happened…

- Visit to one of our amazing sponsors; ROCK+RUN. A brilliant few hours spent with Greg & his top team. I’ve been a Rock+Run fan for many, many years, so was absolutely thrilled when they offered to help us out with some amazing gear. Pics & “SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT” to follow…

- An exciting new sponsor; MOUNTAINEERING DESIGNS – Regeneration specialists of down equipment since 1972 (the year I was born!)  Absolute experts at cleaning your trusty down sleeping bags/duvet jackets. A very exciting new addition to the team. More to follow very soon…

- Testing out & giving a new pushbike a good thrashing (or was it vice-versa!) I’ve got a lot of work to do…

- Scribing a lot of material for the website. Caught up on some work. Without the distractions of facebook, I knuckled down & caught up on some very overdue material, more of which will be unleashed on here mighty soon.

- Other bits & bats of running, taking pics & generally daydreaming about the Big Adventure that lays ahead, in just 39 days time.
All too soon it was over & I had to tootle back across the M6-M61-M60-M62 in the Silver Streak, but feeling recharged & ready for the busy time & big push before The Off.

I simply cannot wait!

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