Semana Santa…


Good morning folks

I trust you had a splendidly superb weekend and that the Easter Bunny was generous towads yee all!

Here is the weekly wrap-up of nonsensical appertainings in Lima.

Observations and opinions of my own, an attempt to work it all out.

As always, a busy old week, but a 3-dayer at work, so steady on that front.


Great to catch up with some friends too.

My mate Lloyd cooked up the very best lasagne I have ever eaten :-)
My Tea Saviour, Mr. Will, saved my bacon/tea sanity with a stash that might just help my dwindling stock make it to August. Gracias amigo :-)


More political rumblings, a sporting extravaganza and to balance last weeks positivity, Victor Meldrew is back with a spoonful of chuntering!


This is the Monday morning blog…

Please sponsor ‘Are Kid!


Next weekend, after a winter of Rocky syle training in the frozen wastes of North Yorkshire, my brother, Danny, will be taking on the Manchester Marathon.

It is for a very special cause.

A huge THANK YOU to Jane and Tony for their kind sponsorship :-)

Please check out his story HERE.


Con la biciceta #542 (cathartical bowels)

This week I have been mostly eating, chicken soup,
(and drinking Fruttiflex, without being tempted to inject it, as it clearly warns you not to do on the label!)

29939096_10160280770375302_567568518_n 29855113_10160280772445302_1773652036_n

I have no idea what I have troughed to cause this, but it has done something badly wrong to my insides. I’ll spare you the details. I’ve had bad guts here-a-plenty, but this has been on a par with Bolivia-belly (and that almost finished me off!)


A pint of Dopamine & Serontonin please!
No tippling right now, (not big nor clever on antibiotics), but the World will be put to rights next Saturday, by jove it will!
A tricky subject. Next week.
viveza 3 vivezacriolla--1024x640
Ps & Qs…
Why do people not wait for others to get off a ramjampacked bus, before they get on?
Why do people not move to let people get off a bus, or to let others on?
Is it a sign of weakness to give an inch, ever?
Where did please disappear to?
Did thank you ever exist?
Anybody ever seen or heard of “after you” or “no, you first”?
(I don’t have the answers to the above! I wish I could just let it lie)…
I may have previously mentioned that our house move to a hopefully quieter place, has in fact been a complete disaster!
Frying pan-fire.
If the Chinese restaurant band below are not playing until 2am at the weekend/holidays, the neighbours are raving it up with a kind of music and a lot of what is best called whooping, until dawn.
ThemandontgiveafuckKuo-Wha Chinese Restaurant – Winner for the 16th week running of the MDGAF award!
I am sick of it and it will have consequences, but I do sometimes wonder if it is just me???
On any given day/night there are 30136.9863014 people having a birthday in Lima, usually celebrated with fireworks at midnight and a nightclub/concert sound party to follow.
A party here is a LOUD and LATE affair. Everything is full volume, music on buses, music in restaurants, music in the “barrios”. Our “vecina” has her crappy music cranked right up when she is peeling her spuds (not a euphemism). Car alarms are going off left-right-&-centre at all hours and the ubiquitous car horn is omnipresent.
Why does it all wind me up so much? (Answers on a postcard please!)
Ever since the Bairn arrived on the scene, I went from somebody who could sleep through most minor earthquakes, to the lightest sleeping punter ever. Seriously bad news out here.
I know from workin shifts that if you don’t get your beauty kip, you are as ratty as Roland, and by ‘eck, am I…
Lina and the Wee One seem to be able to sleep through it all. I am there with earlugs and two pillows on my head and don’t sleep a wink.
When we tried camping, somebody set up a disco on the campsite, it was a disaster.
We sometimes go to a “country club” (not as grand as it sounds) out of town, which is a great spot, but they insist on filling the country air with ear-shattering music, it bewilders me, it is almost like people dont like silence…
It may be cultural, people have radios, music, TVs and any old racket playing all the time.
Some say it is like company, I say it most of it is needless noise.
What I would give for a bit of ear-rest…
I am asking the impossible, but you have to dream…
Was it a dream?
More than tenuously linked to the following.
I have some weird dreams, when I eventually do get some kip.
This Saturday was the strangest of the strange, yet!
The band downstairs played the same set as the night before until 2am, I dozed off around half-two and then woke suddenly to an overpowering smell of some kind of unfamiliar perfume.
(Lina was with the Nipper in the other room, so it wasn’t her).
I checked my watch, 3:33am.
Then the door swung open, slowly…
I listened and listened for any sound, but remarkably it was the 30 seconds of the night when there wasn’t a single noise; upstairs, downstairs, outside, nowhere!
The smell disappeared as quickly as it came.
I fell asleep just in time for my alarm to go off.
“Only a friendly…”
Sometimes I need to choose my words a bit more carefully!
Digital counters all around the city constantly remind the nation that it is only “x” days (currently 74) until La Copa Mundial, to which of course Peru is heading.
This week there was a friendly against Iceland.
I mentioned that friendlies don’t always have much bearing on the World Cup.
They are a good occasion to give a new player a run out, or test a new formation, or try something new. A win is a win, but a friendly is a friendly!
Anyway, it was treated like the World Cup Final and los blanquirrojas did conquer Iceland 3:1.
They also disposed of Serbia last week and next stop is against the Tartan Army.
Here in Lima, at the back end of May.
One never knows, they might, just might cause a shock at the World Cup…
Easter Bunny
Easter (semana santa) in Peru starts on Maundy Thursday. Most punters flee the city to the provinces, namely Ayacucho, “City of Churches”, a title well-earned in that it has 37 churches to visit!
Other folk head to the beaches darn sarf, making the most of what is left of summer before the grey cloak of fog envelopes the city for autumn and winter.
Me, I stayed in Lima. It is nice to have a bit of space with folk out of town!
Ozzy Ozbourne.
I would like to apologise for any profanities which may have crept into this weekly wrap-up.
I don’t normally curse, no reason, I have nothing against it, I am not some kind of prude, but circumstances and the city have had a derogatory effect on me and my personality, so I am turning into some kind of swearing sailor.
After handing in the Bvlgari watch last week, I am still awaiting some kind of positive karma to come my way. Nothing has happened yet!
 I may be waiting some time…
A switch in direction…
BRAINIt has been a confusing week of running!
After a slight but significant date change of my key race of the year, I had rejigged other races to make a kind of plan, but wasn’t overly motivated about it all.
After moving away from Salamanca to the coast, a run in yonder hills is now a bit more complicated. Whereas I could just run to the cerros from my old house, now it is a bus ride away, but the buses don’t start mega-early (and the place I catch them is a tad ropey, so wouldn’t want to be loitering too long) and with the return bus it turns it all into a l-o-n-g morning out (leave house at 5am and back for 1pm), it is physically impossible before work during the week, so I’ve been doing less hills (which showed at Desafio Ruiricancho).
Cutting a long/boring story short and completely on a whim, I entered the Lima Marathon on Saturday!
Now road running isn’t really my thing, but I feel I have a bit of unfinished business at this race and it is very local and I can train for it and it is only 7 weeks away!!!
I ran it in 2015 (3:05) and 2016 (3:10), so which way will it go this year?
I am going to train my sorry ar$e off for it, in the time I’ve got and hopefully (if my legs don’t drop off), this should give me a base for the rest of the year. That is the plan.
Watch this space…
Rob De Castella, one of my childhood heroes, back when shorts were short!
Raiders Round-up.
A busy weekend for the mighty Shipbuilders, away at Ally-ally-fax on Friday and at home to Swinton Lions Easter Monday.
29572666_1060179877477674_8977660982069957696_nFriday night is perhaps best not talked about (30:4 loss).
Onwards and upwards against Swinton on Bank Holiday Monday!
And finally…
The Adventurists!
A group of fine people who I owe a lot to.
They planted the Mongol Rally seed in my brain about 7 years ago and I’ve not really been reet since!
Anyroad, when they are not cooking up hairbrained adventures at HQ, they are out there!
This snippet is a rare vintage clip of Mr Joolz and Mr Tom, I won’t give anything else away.
Enjoy :-)
Watch THIS…
That is all for now folks.
Have a superbly splendid week.
Johnny, Lina & the Nipper
29993690_10160280769575302_326583762_o 29994091_10160280769775302_574871687_o
And finally

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