So long Salamanca, morning Miraflowers!


Good morning folks

I trust this finds you in finest fettle.
What a week, what a bl00dy week!

20180130_120114The lift summed up my feelings perfectly!

The stress monkeys were hard at graft this week, doing their absolute utmost to give me as many grey hairs as possible, but we survived.


Spotted in Salamanca, not guilty!

Finally got moved into the new gaff and finally (almost) escaped Salamanca.
Exam week at work, domestic distress in Blighty and a hairy neet oot to boot.
A busy old week in Limalandia for…

(On top of all this, Movistar with a capital “M” have screwed up my internet. Apologies for lack of pics, up against it with connection problems. Despite waiting in all day Saturday, they never came, so who knows when I’ll be back online. Good work goons!)

Keep moving, move along, moving on!

After our false move last weekend, the owner finally moved out on Thursday, so we moved in properly on Friday. Lima trafico did its worst to delay things (1.5hrs to do 5 miles), but we eventually got there and it appears that all our junk hasn’t been sent on a truck to Tarapoto, as was my worry!

20180203_113655The Nipper’s bike seat took a chewing :-(

A weekend of cleaning, emptying boxes and more cleaning ensued. A lot to do, but we’re in :-)

(Well, I say we’re in, I am actually scribbling this from Salamanca, Lina is away for a week on a course, so I am between houses, juggling work and nippercare all week!)

Craig David and the House of Horrors!

Meanwhile in the historic market town of Morley, in deepest, darkest West Yorkshire…


We have a diddy back-to-back house which we rent out. We don’t actually make any money on the place, but they do say bricks ‘n mortar is the best investment. Well it would be if tenants actually paid their rent!

Now 2 months behind, with promise after promise to pay it back. The place is fully-managed, but the estate agents who “manage” it aren’t very good managers.
Pull yer finger out please!!!

Am I the bad guy?

Next week,

Time to step it up…

With the house move, training has been sporadic at best, non-existent at worst!

The grand plan is now to run home after work. A straightforward punter/pothole dodging exercise, which should start upping the miles, starting this week.

Only 3 weeks to the big trip up to the mountains, cannot wait :-)



A plan for a night out was hatched and the special theme was a moustache (I am always happy to look like a 70′s throwback!)
It was a tough call, with only one weeks notice…

tom-selleck Dennis-Lillee-early article-2093354-01D407720000044D-841_224x388 seth_circa1990 b7314cf6f8a4b0a09220383e9707d74d--oliver-reed-moustache

A small-but-select crowd gathered at my new gaff for cervezas and then headed out later on to the bright lights of Miraflores, (what a novelty walking there and back!)


James D won the prize for best moustachio, he was always going to be hard to beat.
I was tempted to keep mine on for work, but the bairn insisted that I hacked it off, not that she is the boss or anything…

Nipper’s day out…

With Lina away, I had promised the Wee One a day out on Sunday, so she had it all planned.
1) Facepainting.
2) Train.
3) Pizza.
4) Feed pizza crusts to ducks.
5) Ice cream.

20180204_124235 20180204_155503

She is a stickler for order and it had to be in this order.


After ticking all five objectives, with a bonus of feeding some goats, an alpaca and a hungry donkey, we made our way home :-)


Raiders Round-up…

Up against it!


That is going to be the phrase of the season for Barrow.
After stepping up a league, every game is going to be like a cup final.
First game of the season was against London Broncos and sadly it was a heavy defeat for the Shipbuilders.

Toronto Wolfpack next week. Onwards and upwards!

And finally

Never underestimate the underdogs!

Australia are (and generally have always been) the very best at Rugby League.
England are getting closer and closer, but not close enough.

However, Mal Meninga’s boys got a shock at this friendly against the Highlands side on a tour of PNG in 1991. In this video, it appears that not many tries were actually scored.

The Aussies eventually won, in what was best described as a “physical” encounter!

Big thanks to Pete C for sharing this VIDEO.


Have an outstandlingly awesome week!

Johnny, Lina and the Nipper

p.s. Supermercado facepalm.

“Excuse me, where is the tuna?”
(Assistant points to an entire aisle of tuna 5ft away, I got my coat!)

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