You know that amazing feeling when you find an absolute goldmine, that was the moment I first saw our website, built by Sad Robot. My brother Danny said he was exceptionally good, before he introduced us, he was absolutely right.

Sad Robot is the company of an absolute web genius and my good friend, Robert. Danny designed the Mongoliando.com logo and some content design for the website, but thought that Roberto would be the-Man-who-can, and he was indeed!

Just like cars, my knowledge of web design, development and content is limited, no in fact it is less than zero, I tried swatting up on it, but it simply baffles me.That is why I take my hat off to people who are talented in this field. It is impossible to imagine the World without the internet and the amazing sites on offer, none of which would be, without the talented people who make it all work!

An extremely gifted freelance Graphic Designer, web developer and photographer, Robert constructed a first-class website for Mongoliando.com in a record time.He took care of everything, from the domain, to the web space and building a website that Lina and I both love to bits. Robert has also given us the ability to update the blog material ourselves, via a clever CMS (Content Management System). It works perfectly and even for a complete buffoon like me, it is very simple to use.From the very beginning, my main aim was to first of all, raise awareness of our Mongol Rally, via a quality website and via other social networking means.A website is only as good as its designer, and its content.

Robert has got it absolutely spot-on. In addition, if I ever need anything doing to the site, a quick e-mail to Robert and it magically appears on the WorldWideInterWeb.So, I would just like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Robert and Sad Robot.

Without him I would be posting flyers, writing letters and wearing an A-frame Mongoliando.com billboard, walking up and down Briggate!Sad Robot specialise in small to mid-range web designs and developing. They program bespoke designs in CSS, XHTML and ASP. They can assist in designing, building and hosting your new site.

Check out his awesome website at http://www.sadrobot.co.uk/

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