Sponsor Spotlight No.6 – Ring Automotive


On my way to and from Leeds Climbing Wall, I always pass a big, big building with the eye-catching logo of Ring Automotive. I knew that Ring made bulbs and other electrical accessories for cars, but I really had no idea about their amazing full rangeof automotive accessories.

A friend put me in touch with two chaps who had done the Mongol Rally a few years back; Laurence and David – Team Yorkshire Terios. We met up for a drink back in January, when the idea of the rally seemed a l-o-n-g way away, (how fast time has flown!) A brilliant night ensued, with tales of their rally adventures. They also answered all of our questions. At the time, we really had no idea what the rally involved, and although over-preparation is the foe of inspiration, it is not really possible to just rock-up to the start-line and go, a bit of planning/pimping/daydreaming does not go amiss. Laurence and Dave told us about the various companies who had helped them out on their rally. The one name that stood out was Ring Automotive. We had managed to acquire sponsors for most of our camping/outdoor gear and culinary delights, but we had not really thought about car parts (a slight oversight on my part for a rally!)

When I started cooking up the idea of our Mongol Rally, I made a small list of all the companies that I had used over the years, and wrote to them offering a link on our website, advertising space on our Micra, shameless plugging/social networking of their brand/service/products, in return for any gear that they could offer us for our trip (with full reviews/pics of any gear). Sponsorship is a two-way thing. Companies get constantly barraged by people asking for gear-for-nothing, for nothing-in-return! Although our crack at the Mongol Rally isn?t a World speed attempt, it is something a little bit different that may catch peoples eyes (as I am hoping that our increasingly pimped Silver Streak will do too!)

So we contacted Henry, at Ring Automotive, an absolutely top bloke, who could not have been more helpful, what an amazing guy! He supplied us with an absolute shedload of amazingly useful gear; rally spotlights, extra bright bulbs, in-car chargers (a flat i-pod is no fun/no use at all), torches, inspection lamps, jump leads and much more. We recently went down the road to Ring HQ (literally 5 minutes in the Silver Streak) for a photo-shoot for us at Ring HQ. A brilliant afternoon, where we felt like film-stars and were treated really well by the wonderful people at Ring. Pics can be found HERE.

Apart from their excellent website, Ring Automotive also has a very active facebook page. Although Ring is a huge company, they are still able to provide a level of service that makes one feel like they are a unique customer. Brilliant!

We are looking forward to using all of these top-notch accessories and bits of gear, which will light our way, provide us with tunes and keep the wheels of the Silver Streak rolling for 10000 miles, and also to sing the praises of Henry and the good name of Ring Automotive from the rooftops of UlaanBaatar, and everywhere else in between.

You will need some spares for your Mongol Rally, no matter how super-duper-lightweight you intend to go, you would be c-razy not to check out their websiteand get stocked up on what you need. Tell them I sent you :-)

P.S. There is an excellent review HERE too…


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