Sponsor Spotlight No.9 – Lifeventure


Since I was a bairn, I have always enjoyed spending time in the mountains/wild places and camping. I like cities, but I much prefer life in the sticks.
Enjoying life when camping/trekking/tramping/yomping is not about having all-the-gear-and-no-idea, it is about having the right gear.

When I started thinking what gear we may need for the Mongol Rally, I made a small list of all the companies that I had used over the years, and wrote to them offering a link on our website, advertising space on our Micra, shameless plugging/social networking of their brand/service/products, in return for any gear that they could offer us for our trip (with full reviews/pics of any gear). Sponsorship is a two-way thing. Companies get constantly barraged by people asking for gear-for-nothing, for nothing-in-return! Although our crack at the Mongol Rally is not a barefoot/hands-free ascent of If six was nine, it is something a little bit different that may catch peoples eyes (as I am hoping that our increasingly pimped Silver Streak will do too!)

Whilst scouring catalogues and the internet, a brand that kept cropping up was Lifeventure (and their sister company, Lifesystems).
Lifeventure make awesome quality gear that lasts, lots of really useful quality kit and accessories, such as locks, magic towels and secret pouches. Lifesystems make equipment that could potentially save ones life. Medical supplies, such as First Aid kits, water purification and other essential items, such as insect repellents.
As we only have a wee Nissan Micra in which to pack all of our gear (and ourselves), we really want to go as light as physically possible. Unless absolutely necessary, we want to avoid taking spares/duplicating unnecessary items.
That is why we chose Lifeventure.

We are looking forward to using Lifeventure gear on our trip and also to sing the praises of Lifeventure from the rooftops of UlaanBaatar, and everywhere else in between.

If you need some A1 gear for your Mongol Rally, or for any of your outdoors adventures, make it a super-high-priority on your super-high-priority list to check out Lifeventure gear at an outdoors retailer near you, you would be as mad-as-a-pie-in-an-oven not to :-)



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