September 26, 2020

Striking a nerve…

Good morning folks

I trust your weekend was of a spectacular kind and that this weeks blog finds you in tiptop December form.

A mixed-bag/grill of happenings this week. After last week, no big mountains scaled sadly.47129567_1630928863674183_7456793151252987904_n 46967645_1627246604042409_6166870827082973184_o

Here is the random collection of words, thoughts and gubbins that constitutes the weekly blog.

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

First Christmas party, last week, in November!47268855_720461228332825_5413321907376226304_n

Another party this week, complete with a Magician, not a very convincing one, but the bairns were entertained 🙂


Met up with my good mate Lloyd on Friday. We both came out to Peru together in June 2004 and he has been here most of the time since then, (and he is a lot saner than I am, credit to his patience). We don’t talk too much about YKW.IMG_0312 IMG_0364

More next week.

Neet oot/off the wagon.

After a completely dry November, any goodness that abstinence did was undone in spectacular fashion in the two-mile-chase that I treated as a 5 furlong sprint, which was a bloody good session on Saturday night with the missus, Matthew P, James B and Irma, at our favourite happy hour haunt, which is the French Bar, which is about as French as I am, especially with its recent makeover, which removed any slim semblance of Frenchness that it had.v7GhRCa

The night was rounded off with Tacos (not of the footwear kind) which I think is the first time I have ever had anything to eat on a night out here in Lima, breaking my “Eating-is-cheating” rule.

Sunday morning, needless to say, was a write-off.

Getting high!

Our good mate, Matthew P, was in town and it’s Lina’s birthday next week, so the pair of them went flying high above Miraflores, parapenting!47351306_1056716907844487_1598844074637393920_n 47369269_774961859503584_4831858480245637120_n 47386173_938686379668913_2121714359620075520_n 47313114_501789656971258_1814470571270864896_n 47293056_308879676394854_74628844929155072_n 47269714_353192795256640_3692817253377507328_n 46889861_2086759191407984_6851922160949133312_n

It looked pretty ace, I was a bit/pathetically hungover, so I just watched from below with the Nipper (who also wanted to have a go!) Followed later by a slap-up meal, more tacos, I am now thinking about moving to Mexico. Top weekend.47380488_355416045226683_7736179811785113600_n


The mountains are calling…

If you are interested in:

1) Scotland
2) Running of a hill/fell kind.
3) A brilliant read
4) All of the above,

check out “The Mountains are Calling” by Johnny Muir. I have just finished this and it was absolutely BRILLIANT!untitled

The Scottish Highlands is one of my favourite places in the World and this book makes we want to go back there right this second!

Dias de Bobby…

About 6 months ago I did a narrating job on an audiobook, for work, for the “Social Responsibility” area, a section who do a lot of great work for charities.596033c3ac3d1

It wasn’t as easy as I imagined, pretty intense, but thankfully only a short book and luckily the sound magicians cut and spliced and waved a wand over it all so that it all came out beautifully! (My mate, James D, also had a big part in the book).

In the meantime,  the (physical) book was released and the play was airing at the Britanico theatre.5bd2534340620

So, on Thursday the launch for the audiobook was held on Thursday and I was invited along to be part of a 3-part-panel; the author, the main actor in the play and mumbling Johnny.
The MC/interviewer was a really cool Mexican lady who spoke better English than me, but I was brave and took it all in Spanish, hopefully the crowd weren’t too confused!

I can’t give too much away, but the book is a kid’s book with a very poignant theme.

Peru 21 podcast HERE.

Raiders round-up.

Momentum is gathering at HQ and the new strip was launched this weekend.
Big things lay ahead next season…

Striking a nerve!

Talk about tempting fate!imagesOUVAMP01

Last week I scribbled these immortal words “One week on, I came out of it biomechanically sound-ish, no future plan is a good plan, as yet!”

As  have said afore, runners are one (or two, or three) of three kinds.
a- Injured.
b- Coming back from injury.
c- About to be injured

When I woke up on Sunday morning last week, my right foot was still asleep. Numb.
i couldn’t feel my toes, nor the ball of my foot, but thought nothing of it. It’ll be reet…

Sunday turned inevitably into Monday and predictably into Tuesday by which time I still had no feeling. it felt like somebody had wrapped a tight laggy-band around my toes (bar the big one).

One doesn’t really appreciate the importance of or sometimes realise how part of the body works, until it doesn’t work! Toes are kind of handy for walking and balance and if you can’t feel them, you start hobbling! Running was a no-go, but i still have to walk a million blocks a week, in between combis, so I booked an appointment at the hospital, Sanna (sanna, colita de rana…)

I do really miss the simplicity of ringing up Bramham Surgery and making an appointment with the larger-than-life GP, Dr. Nicholls. Turn up, wait your turn, have a chat, feel better, end of story.

A ten minute appointment at the hospital here can be a full-morning job.
The Neurologist talked at me at a million mph, bashed me about a bit with  rubber hammer, then told me to make another appointment, which entailed going to 4 other departments and two hours later, I was done, for now.

I have to go back on Tuesday for an “Electromyogram“, get the results next Friday, another appointment on Saturday and see if they have to chop my foot off the week after!

(In which case, if you are looking for some bargain size 13 right foot trainers, get ready!)

I have pushed Doctor Google to his virtual limit for reasons and answers, but am still in the dark. A delayed reaction to the Misti race? I don’t think so, the ground was not really ever hard enough for an injury like this. Is it a showstopper? Will i need to take up hopping or find a three-legged race partner? Find out next week.

(Don’t look if you are eating, here are the bonniest feet in Lima!)47391949_2189002274675142_848842338355642368_n


And finally…

To conclude this nonsense, I leave you with THIS VIDEO.
A classic 🙂


Have an awesome week.
Johnny, Lina and the Nippernipper

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