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It’s not about the destination!

Good morning folks I trust this finds you in superb form and that you had an awesome weekend. In case you missed the midweek blog, it is below (in patriotic Peruvian red and white, I think it is red, I am colourblind, it’s a different colour anyway). If you’ve seen it already, skip that bit. It… Continue Reading

¡¡¡ Felices Fiestas Patrias !!!

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust you’re having a mightily fine and splendid week. Taking the opportunity to give you a one day Micro-blog on Independence Day. Two years apart and her Peruvian half is showing strongly! July 28th is a big day in Peru and this year there is a change of President too. The last Presidente… Continue Reading

No Monday morning blog this week, but expect a double helping on Wednesday :-)

Morning folks Trust you’re having a superb weekend. For the first time since the New Year, there will be no Monday morning Mongoliando.com blog this week.Heading out to yonder hills on a 2-day Clunk mission first thing Sunday morning & will be out of mobile/internet/pigeon range. However, there will be a double-dose of derring-do on Wednesday…. Continue Reading