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¡ Adios amigo !


Good morning folks I trust you had a superbly spectacular weekend. Halloween, boooo! Here is your weekly wrap-up of the week from bonkers central. An emotional week, the Clunk has gone Ironically Superclunk.com is now Clunkless on this side of the pond. Most bikers would sell both kidneys before parting with their steed, but in… Continue Reading


Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust this finds you in tiptop form & that you had a mighty fine weekend. A busy old week in the land of chaos. After a whole load of billboard posters, scandal, lies, propaganda & more lies, it is finally Election Day (as I type). Lets’s just say it’s a slightly different… Continue Reading

“Tell ‘em about the honey Mummy!”

Good morning folks I trust you had a superb weekend & this Monday morning finds you in tiptop form. A quick round-up from the land of sweaty chaos, incessant noise, near-misses, short-sighted-short-cuts & quick-fixes… Feliz Cumpleaños Clunk This week I celebrated the Clunk’s first birthday (with me as it’s owner, it is in fact 6 years old)…. Continue Reading

Looking back and looking forward!

  Good morning Folks I trust this finds you enjoying 2016 & that you had a brilliant festive season. Two blogs in 3 days! I have been doing some serious procrastination. Monday morning normally sees a round-up of the week’s happenings in Lima, but this Monday it is a condensed version of the last year,… Continue Reading

A year in Peru!

Good morning Folks A very Happy New Year to you! I trust you’re having a superb festive season. First & foremost, my thoughts are with friends & family in the flood ravaged northern counties; Yorkshire, Lancashire & Cumbria (plus Scotland). The images I’ve seen this week of Tadcaster being divided by the bridge collapse were… Continue Reading

Clunk trip (at last), Felices Fiestas Patrias and Buddy Munro-Experimental ;-)

A very good morning to You Apologies for the lack of the usual Monday morning blog this week, I was out of mobile/internet/pigeon range, in the mountains! A week I’ve been looking forward to for some time. Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day) & the long-planned Clunk trip. (A week off work, to do some of the… Continue Reading