The road to Yungay!!!


Good morning folks

I trust you are in finest fettle.
This is a pre-recorded blog, writen during the week so if the World has ended before Sunday, thanks for reading!

The main event of the week was an escape fromthe noisy clutches of Lima to the lofty Andes.
Some last minute altitude training for the El Misti race!

(For this reason, I´ll be on a bus when I normally press ¨Publish¨for the blog to go out to the World/both readers!)


Ahhhh, Yungay!!!


My mate Charlie, the organiser of the UT69/Llangunuco Mountain Trail race, invited me up to his place up in the montañas. With just two weeks to go, this was an unmissable opportunity!

Yungay is about 9hrs on-a-bus from Lima, northwards up the coast and then inland into the Andes. I took an overnight bus straight from work, arriving blearily to a Yungay dawn.

Yungay was the site of a cataclysmic earthquake on the 31st of May 1970. An underground quake (measuring 8.0 on the Richter Scale) struck off the coast, lasting 45 seconds which destroyeded most homes (built with Adobe bricks), roads and bridges, over a 50,000mi² area, bigger than Belgium and the Netherlands). . It was what followed that was even more catastrophic.

A glacier on the north face of Mt. Huascaran broke off, triggering an avalanche of 10 million m

of snow, rock and ice to roar downhill at 120 mph, picking up debris and estimated to contain 80 million mof rocks, mud, snow and ice in a 3000ft wide wave. In less than 3 minutes, Yungay was completed crushed and buried. Only the cemetery (which was raised) and a few palm trees survived.

Image result for yungay

74,000 people. About 25,600 were declared missing, over 143,000 were injured and more than one million left homeless. Only 350 survived, 300 of whom were children who had been at the circus. Because the Peruvian government has forbidden excavation in the area, crosses and tombs mark the spots where homes once stood, engraved with the names of those never found.

An unthinkable catastrophe.

The new city of Yungay is located a few miles away. The old Yungay is a permanent memorial.

All of which makes my little trip seem a bit futile and pointless.
How did it go? Will tell you next week.

Trick or treat???

After Saturdays warm-up outing (which toom about 5 days to recover from), the main event was Halloween itself, 31st of October which is actually ¨Dia de Cancion Criolla” here, followed by “Dia de los Muertos”, which is handily a public holiday!

Halloween was a complicated day, which deserves full explanation, next week!

In a nutshell, it revolved around two parties, one at work for the nippers.


And one later on (much later) for “los grandes!”

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Two big sessions within 4 days of each other practically wrote me off, I never learn!

Runners, riders and full SPs next week…

A week is a long time in Peruvian politics…

So, this week, Keiko Fujimori, was given a 3 year “preventive detention” sentence.
Following in the footsteps of her Old Man, Alberto (who was in jail, then released/pardoned, then sent back to the Clink).

Fujimori Jr. is accused of money laundering (in the infamous Odebrecht case).
Former president Ollanta Humala and his wife were in the Nick, on a similar deal (preventitive detention) but were released when it was found that the trial had not followed process.

Although Fujimori potentially will be in jail when the next presidential campaign comes round in 2021 (she was defeated in the last two elections), if she has not been charged by then, she could run for president again, from behind bars!

More next week…



Raiders round-up.


No big signings as such, but SuperCoach Paul “Cresta” Crarey has signed a new two year deal.
2019 is going to be a BIG year!

And finally…   

Stray Cats

Back in 1988/89, concerts were my main obsession (when I should have really been obsessing with school books, not my best academic period). Leeds used to get a lot of gigs, the Duchess, the old Poly and Leeds University Refectory. In the space of about 6 months I saw the Ramones, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Stray Cats all at the Uni. At the time you never realise the significance of such events, the naivety of youth and all that.

The Stray Cats was an amazing night. If you got a lively crowd in the Refectory, condensation used to drip down from the ceiling giving the impression that it was drizzling (sweat, nice!)
There used to be some taps on the wall at the back, which somebody had left runningm which dimwit here didn’t see in the dark, on the way out. All my mates had just left and were waiting for me, and when I didn’t appear, my good mate (and musical encyclopedia, what that lad didn’t know about The Smith’s was not worth knowing) Jez went back in ot find me laid on the floor, out cold. I’d slipped and banged my head and was in the process of swallowing my tongue!

Not following medical protocol, but probably saving my life, Jez stuck his hand in my gob and fished out my tongue, which would not have been a pleasant task, but thank you Jez!

I missed a school trip to London the next day, but the lads all got ripped off in Soho, so I probably didn’t miss too much!

I still have a lump and bald patch on the back of my head as a reminder.

This video captures the raw energy of one of their gigs :-)

Stray Cats

That’s all for now folks!

Have an awesome week.
Johnny, Lina and the Nipper


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