Good morning folks

I trust you had a superbly spectacular weekend and that this blog finds you in outstanding form.

Another cracking week in Blighty, although it may no longer be cracking flags, it is good to be back! Lina and the Nipper came back from Germany and a 3rd Lakes trip was had.
Apart from the above, just been enjoying our jollies in sunny Tad :-)


Getting back into the swing of Blighty life, I have changed my choice of “If I could live anywhere in the World” from Mendoza to Kendal, back to my roots, maybe/hopefully one day…


This is the Monday morning Superclunk.com blog for your perusal…

39575578_2049672868623076_3655601997412827136_n P1070623 P1070618


Helvellyn dash!

My good mate Glen, who was my Bob Graham Round partner and possibly my most frequent training partner (we have run once in the last 4 years, so that shows what a loner I am), invited me for a beasting up in the Lakes on Tuesday. He was checking out the route for the Helvellyn Triathlon in September, but despite my newly purchased trunks-goggle-rubber cap from Wiggle, there was no swimming (nor cycling) going on, just a quick sprint up Helvellyn and back.
(I should add that Glen is a superfit Triathlete, I am just coming back from injury/illness/excuse-after-excuse…)

We whizzed up the A1 and across the A66, before hitting the Sunday drivers (on a Tuesday) and eventually got to Glenridding, under a threatening sky. We were not the first punters of the day to head up the trail to “Hole-in-the-wall”, which was where we hit the clag which was followed by the rain. I was born up in these parts, it’s only a bit of water, crack on ;-)


The beauty of fog is that all distances are foreshortened to the point of being invisible!
A quick scramble along Swirral Edge got us up on the top and then along the ridge, with a lot of bedraggled walkers, it wasn’t a day for views nor loitering…

39200176_246991112811754_8139706871305994240_n 39132644_242767516570061_679969554331336704_n 39105909_1982590278459057_4216013487723249664_n

Dropping down the race route we dropped under the cloud and legged it back to the car.
2hrs after setting off we were in a beaut little cafe, supping coffee before the long diversion back’yam. The A66 was closed, so it was down the M6 followed by the torturous weave along the A65.


A top day out :-)


The ladies are back!

Lina and the Nipper got back from Deutschland on Tuesday, after enjoying a week at Lina’s sister’s place. Straight from York Station to the Wetherby Whaler for some well overdue…


What is it about Fish&Chips?


I was once walking down the street in Lima and I swore I could smell them, obviously I was dreaming/delirious…

The Wetherby Whaler (in Wetherby, the original one) is one of the best spots around for one-of-each, so I took the girls, my parents and ‘are kid Danny for a slap-up feast.
Lina’s first fish&chips in 4 years and the Nipper’s first ever!


Brilliant service and awesome food!


Get yersen there :-)

T’lakes III…

A complete lack of planning on my part has meant that I’ve been to the Lakes and back 3 times.
On Friday we bimbled across the A65 again for a lightning raid to my hometown of Kendal.

Now a hometown is defined as “the town of one’s birth or early life or present fixed residence.”

I count mine as Kendal in Cumbria, even though I never lived there, I was born there and spent a lot of my youth there. It is located right on the very edge of the Lake District National Park and although it is not an especially scenic place it is a cool spot :-)
The gateway to the Lakes, home of Kendal Mint Cake, a producer of pipe tobacco and snuff (an alternative to smoking, the user simply inhales it up their nose and gets an instant nicotine hit).
Maybe I have been inhaling snuff in my sleep, accounting for recent illness/malady.

It was said that Henry VIII’s last wife, Kathryn Parr, lived in Kendal Castle. Now “Parsons” is in effect son-of-Par(r), I am not insinuating anything, but I may well have a bit of blue blood running through my veins…

(I was forced to drop History by Mrs. Hughes, a despicably unlikeable History teacher, when I took my options, so I may well be a million miles out there historically!)

 P1070634 P1070634 P1070635 P1070636 P1070639 P1070639 P1070640

We popped to visit some relatives first and then to Rock+Run (full story next week//, I am such a donkey), then after dinner we went to the “Auld grey town” staying at our friend Charlotte’s house. Charlotte is a supersporty person with an ultra healthy lifestyle. She is a very experienced “Wild Swimmer”, runner and Tai-Chi instructor. I am a runner, with a shocking diet and most of the time I am injured!

fell fit

Anyway, she had mentioned a class called “Get Fell Fit” and after Tuesday’s shocking performance up Helvellyn, it sounded worth going to, so despite the (typical Cumbrian summer) rain and cloud, we headed to “The Helm”, a local hill overlooking the town.

I had no idea what I had got myself into…

A small but very enthusiastic crowd of incredibly fit looking people were chattering excitedly, Chelsea (our leader) raised the enthusiasm several notches higher with her infectious manner.

“CrossFit workouts incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training,Olympic weightliftingplyometricspowerliftinggymnasticsgirevoy sportcalisthenicsstrongman, and other exercises”

Now I went to Circuit Training (once, in 1995) and Boxing training (once, in 1995 too), both were pretty disastrous. Mainly due to my lack of coordination and lack of upper body strength.
Running is great for your legs (until you get crocked) but does very little for above the waist.
Any kind of cross-training (pushbiking, swimming, core work) would be beneficial for most athletes, but most athletes “just run” and despite owning 4 Swiss Balls, I pretty mush “just run”, apart from when I’m injured, when I just moan!

A warm-up led to piggy backs which led to bag lifting which led to pairing up for an “AMRAP” (as many reps as possible, 18 minutes of looking at my watch, willing it to go faster). My partner, Joeleen (I think) was mega-fit and superenthusiastic and very, very patient!

We had to do something called a “Burpee” which is like a squat thrust and a jump, run down a hill, lift a bag full of sand, run uphill, burpee and repeat, until exhaustion/death from Exertional rhabdomyolysis/18mins was over.

It was bloody hard work (for me anyway) but I reckon that if one did it on a regular basis, one would get mega-fit. I just found it hard to lift my arms to brush my teeth for the next 3 days!
It was also brilliant fun :-)

Anyway, as well as squeezing in a quick run over the fell early doors next morning, we did some shopping and then (based on a diabolical Sunday forecast) decided to head home.

P1070645 P1070641

My original plan to go to Torver Show was shelved and we stopped for ice cream at a farm where the animals were being put to bed at 4pm. I had let the Nipper down :-(

“Where the men are hunky and the chocolate’s chunky!”


I love Leeds, but I also love York.

39557740_277609879500042_8355852436212023296_n 39714764_282567985892791_2405833399802527744_n

Tadcaster is pretty much slap-bang in the middle of the two, very different places.
Like most places here I had forgotten how beautiful York is/was.

39581328_300053647216676_7841819239714390016_n 39525996_288284228620798_8236690819147366400_n 39558155_438778836944425_649878321965826048_n 39738474_655718084803215_715642624978976768_n 39755193_662534417479213_6714989365077999616_n 39616330_1492167680883201_6254410790380503040_n 39575578_2049672868623076_3655601997412827136_n 39775359_2070437409952857_5630135717653905408_n

Yes, it is full of tourists (of one I am which right now), but it never feels too crowded and is easy to get round. A ride on a (mini) train, a Gregg’s steak bake (mmm-mm-mmm) and some bargains in the sales. We all headed home happy :-)

Not Tad Carnival…

The (in)famous Tad(caster) Carnival used to be a bit of a knees-up back in the day, but too much aggro caused by too much cheap tombola pomagne being won/drunk caused the even to be axed, until recently when it had a successful resurrection (minus the pomagne!)

Taddy Carnival was back in July, so we missed it, but there was a small (and seemingly lightly publicised) event on Sunday arvo, so we trotted down to Magnets.

P1070666 P1070656 

A number of great charities; York Rescue Boat, Yorkshire Ambulance, Autism Angels and others were present, along with FACEPAINTING!!!

P1070685 P1070675

A certain Nipper was very excited about this and no prizes for guessing which design she asked for :-)

Raiders round-up.

A bad day at the office for the Shipbuilders in the second round of the “Super 8s”.
A convincing 38:0 defeat at Leigh Centurions puts the Raiders in the danger zone.
3rd from bottom, 5 points clear of Swinton and Rochdale.


All to play for!!!

And finally…

For my brother Danny, here is my favourite Alan Partridge sketch :-)


That’s all for now folks :-)
Have an outstanding week!

Johnny, Lina and the Nipper

p.s. THAT is a beer aisle :-)



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