Where did Mongoliando.com go?

UBRight here!
The name of the website has changed, but it’s the same dog with more hair, all the old content is still on here.

Mongoliando.com was originally created by Web Magician, Roberto & my awesome graphic designing brother, Danny. They did what I could never achieve in 10,000 years.
After the rally I kept on the website as a sporadic blog & then when I moved to Lima in 2015, it became the weekly “Monday Morning Mongoliando.com blog”. (It will still be weekly & on a Monday).

The Mongol Rally 2012 was an incredible life-changing trip, but now there are other adventures to daydream about.
For now, in & around Lima. Later on? Who knows…

Superclunk.com was brought to you by the super powers of SAD ROBOT & SHINE-CREATIVE DESIGN. These people are e-genii (plural of genius, which one would think is geniuses, but is genii) They are awesome at what they do (& nothing to do with the chap who appears out of the spout of a magic lamp, when you rub it !

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