Who am I?

johnnyclunkI am Johnny, a 43yr old daydreaming specialist based (currently) in sunny Lima. Peru.

Motorbikes (Clunks as I like to call them) are what fascinate me. Many of my mates are bikers & many bikers are mates of mine.

It doesn´t matter what you ride, there is no snobbery from a Honda C90 fanatic.

I have always liked travelling & adventure. I´ve moved house 35 times & my CV is embarrassingly thick!

My main passion is for underpowered, low-budget adventure. Partly through choice & partly through necessity.

The Mongol Rally in 2012 was a trip that changed my life, forever.

I travelled round the World in 2004, but it was Peru that made its mark on me, so I am living in the crazy-ar$ed capital for a third time.

One of my main bike gurus, Dave (a man with endless patience who also rode a C90, before moving on to much bigger & faster bikes) once said to me:
“On a top-of-the-range (sports/adventure/etc) bike, the only people who like you/r bike are riders on the same bike.

As you drop down, there is less of this & when you get to the very bottom (C90), you find that almost everybody has either had one, ridden one, had one stolen, ridden a mates or had some kind of connection with the humble 90cc step-thru rocket”
It is true.

This is why I love my Clunk (& why I miss my Clunk. It is chained up, covered up & ACF50ed up, in a secret bunker, somewhere in Northern England, awaiting my return…

I am married to my long suffering, patient wife, Lina & have a 2 year old Nipper, called Valentina.

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