Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire…


Good morning/evening/afternoon folks

(Depending on where/when my 3 readers are reading this).

I trust you had a tiptop weekend.
Welcome to the last-week-in-Blighty Monday morning Superclunk.com blog.
A lightning quick wrap-up of goings-on ‘oop north.
A great week in (mainly) sunny Yorkshire (when it wasn’t raining, as I predicted the summer couldn’t last forever, sorry Leeds Festival goers for my jinx!)


Here it is…

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire…




“God’s Own Count(r)y”

Home of Yorkshire Tea, Sean Bean, James Mason, Sir Patrick Stewart, Dame Judi Dench, Michael Palin, Brian Blessed, Sir Ben Kingsley, William Wilberforce, Guy Fawkes, Terrorvision, Pulp, the Artcic Monkeys, Spandau Cafe, Mel B, Thomas Crapper, John Smith’s (and Sam Smith’s and Webster’s) Bitter along with Britain’s highest pub, the oldest/longest horse race, the oldest ever football club (ask Sean), the oldest city, the tallest man, the highest/deepest/longest canal tunnel, the first ever lighthouse, the last ever witch burning and the World’s largest railway museum (and first ever steam train)!

Giving the World Yorkshire Puddings since 1737.


By ‘eck lad!

If Yorkshire were an independent country, it would have finished 12th in the 2012 Olympics.


I first moved across the Pennines from my native Cumbria in 1988. At first I thought we had moved to a different country as it never rains here in the sunny Vale of York, (compared to the Lake District where it seemed to rain every day, the lakes would be empty otherwise!)

I like Yorkshire, in fact I love Yorkshire.
The biggest county in the country with inhabitants who are even prouder than Arequipeños are of “el pais de Arequipa”, (one day…)
People here like what they say and say what they bloody well like!


Tadcaster, is a small brewery town located in the middle of Leeds and York (as I used to repeat parrot-fashion in French classes at school), in North Yorkshire. I have lived in Taddy and various parts of Leeds since my youth and I have been staying at my folks in Tad for most of August.
All good things come to an end, the holidays are over on Wednesday…


I used to always blindly stay loyal to my native Cumbria for walking, running and any form of rambling, but on Saturday I saw the full glory of Yorkshire from Simon’s Seat and what a beauty to behold it is.

P1070754 P1070758 P1070762 P1070772 P1070774


Along with my addiction to Yorkshire (Gold) Tea, leaving Leeds-Bradford airport at crazy AM on Wednesday morning will not be easy!

(SuperLeeds currently top of the table too! MOT…)


Carry on Camping II.

After our previous disastrous camping trip about a year ago, when we had to abandon the campsite due to a disco/festival in the next pitch all night, (the nipper somehow fell asleep amidst the racket in the tent and woke up in a hotel), I was keen but apprehensive about a re-run (hopefully without the disco/festival).


After noodles and pasta (anything tastes good outside when you’re hungry), we settled down and apart from one bit of hysterics we were only once awoken by a raucous owl!

P1070694 P1070692 P1070714

Success :-)

Food, glorious food!

A student once said to me “Peruvians are over-obsessed with food“, I countered that it wasn’t physically possible to be over-obsessed with something as obsession is an extreme in itself.
He just knowingly said “You’ll see” and we left it at that.

Peruvian are very proud of their cuisine and rightly so, there is a lot of creativity and variety, but (sticking my giraffe neck RIGHT out) if you put a gun to my head, I would rather have Blighty food any day of the week, (if there is no blog next week, look for my body at the bottom of the Pacific, ankles in concrete, off the coast of Lima).


I bloody love pies.

40101618_442644119476049_7303333617579589632_n 40139124_518681471890892_4814198373588402176_n

I don’t know if it is a Northern thing, but I could live on Pies, coffee, bananas and an occasional bit of toast. I’ve been keeping Gregg’s busy.

40131395_421530025040765_6494444482350546944_n 40099885_312704212819513_2369362556159524864_n 40093118_562898507446575_6000834413691142144_n


Went for a top curry with friends midweek, yum-yum-yum-yum-yum!


However my all-time favourite is Stew & Dumplings and my Mum makes the best (in my opinion) :-)


It won’t be just our luggage that will be overweight on our return!


Mission Impossible :-/

We have a luggage allowance of 3 x 23kg, which sounds a huge amount, but there are three of us and we will be leaving a lot of stuff behind, otherwise the plane might not be able to take off!


I have a problem in Lima (well, not just one), in that I cannot get clothes/footwear to fit me.
I am too lean and lanky, shirt sleeves are too short, slacks are too short and shoes are too small. So, my holidays are an elaborate shopping trip, but the temptations of the sales are strong and at times irresistible, added to which I’ve treated myself to some new running clobber and 22.9kg of teabags. Packing will be a ruthless task and I may well be wearing most of my new wardrobe, with my pockets full to overflowing…


Running here has been a sheer pleasure!
I have purposely not ramped it up to ridiculous levels, just ticking away nicely.
No traffic, good weather, limitless trails and fresh air, a far cry from what I’ll be doing next week.

My first ever running club was Tadcaster Harriers, whom I joined in 1986, on the morning of a cross-country race in Taddy itself, (the day the West Yorkshires ignored the boundary!)
Although I now run for Pudsey & Bramley, the Harriers are very close to my heart for many reasons, one of which was their support when I ran the Bob Graham Round and also memories of the outstanding Summer Race League. They are a very sociable bunch (and good drinkers!)
The old club newsletter/fanzines were that of satirical legend, nobody was safe :-)

I was invited along to the “Joe Knowles Handicap” on Thursday night over a a testing 5.1 mile course and it was brilliant to see old friends and meet new ones. I hadn’t run over the course since 1989 and although I have (just) recovered from last week’s “crossfit” exertions, my legs are still battered now.

Work to do afore El Misti…

Catching up…

Last year I came back to Blighty on an impulsive, last minute two week jolly. It was ace, but I tried to cram in too much, it passed wayyyy too quickly and I was wrecked for a good while afterwards.
This time we’ve had the best part of 4 weeks and despite my shockingly bad planning, we’ve got loads done. it has been great to see so many new things and experiences through the eyes of the Nipper, she has loved it.


I have got to see loads of my mates, been for plenty of decent coffee, had one big session with the Hardback Boys and also a great day of walking in the Yorkshire Dales with my old BL mates. A lot of reminiscing…
Some mates I hadn’t seen for years and years and years.

I didn’t catch up with everybody sadly, but time passes so fast. Next time for sure…

Raiders round-up.

No game this week for the mighty Shipbuilders due to the Challenge Cup final between Catalan Dragons and Warrington.

Now my plan was to try and avoid the result, but that idea was scuppered when I opened FB and the first thing I saw was that the French side had pulled off a historic defeat over the Wire. The first non-English side to win since 1896!
Hopefully with the cup going back to Perpignan, it could spark a resurgence for the sport that has battled for recognition in France for many, many years.

In my best GCSE français:

Chapeau á Catalan, Je mangeais quand tu as téléphoné!

The Raiders are back in action next week at home against Batley Bulldogs.
Onwards and upwards…



Mixed feelings…


So, after almost a month back in Blighty and spending a lot of time with my family, mates and generally loving every minute, how do I feel about going back?

Any/every holiday has to end, (unless your name is Judith Chalmers).

I do give Lima some bad press. I love Peru and I really love my job, but I am not a fan of Lima.
I have been driving here for 4 weeks and not heard one horn nor alarm, it is foolish however to try and compare two completely different places. It is like saying a square is better than a circle or that pink is a better colour than red.

This trip has made me realise what a beautiful place England is (specifically Yorkshire and Cumbria, please forgive my northern bias), it is very easy to take a place for granted when you live there, sometimes you have to spend time away to appreciate it.


My main problem in/with Lima (apart from the traffic/chaos/corruption) is the noise, I despise it (and my stupid neighbours) with all my heart, but although I am taking back 200 earplugs, it is an impossible monster to fight/slay. It will never change, I just have to accept it and the fact that I’ll never find peace/quiet/tranquility in Lima, unless I go deaf and then I’ll be useless as a teacher!

In a nutshell I am not a city person, I am a proper country bumpkin.
I do have a handful of really good mates there and my job, but that is all that is drawing me back.

My dream is that the Arequipa plan will come off. Potentially as early as next July.
A move to a different city (with El Misti on my doorstep for training) is what I need.
A new place with new challenges. I live in hope.

If you asked me where I would rather live, without hesitation I would say Blighty (preferably Kendal, but beggars can’t be choosers). My heart is here, but I do have to go back. I have a job there which I love (which is about all that keeps me sane in the madhouse).
Nowhere is perfect, but a large part of me really doesn’t want to go back.
(Even the Nipper told me she wanted to stay here, but bring some of her friends from school to play).

There is still time to lose my passport before Wednesday morning…


And finally…

To wrap-up this pile of nonsense, this week I leave you with an incredible surfing video.
Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa fought an 80ft high wave in Nazare, Portugal, and won!

This VIDEO has no sound, but it doesn’t need it, it is just insane.


Cojones bigger than King Kong riding a Brahma Bull!


That’s all for now folks :-)
Have an outstanding week.
Lima round-up is back next week…

Johnny, Lina & the Nipper


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